The Symphony Beneath the Skin - Radio Programme with RTM.fm 
Clean Cities Campaign - Transport & Environment, Green.TV Media
EV Y Podcast - EY, Green.TV Media
Cerino Family Series - Nissan Leaf Italia, Green.TV 
Born of Water - Green.TV Media
Equal EV - SSEN, Green.TV Media

PRODUCTION  [Project Manager 2022] Welcome to The Groves Mural

[Production Manager 2022] Peaceophobia, Greenwich Docklands International Festival

[Production Manager 2022] Into the Deep Blue, Greenwich Docklands International Festival

[Production Manager 2020] Lockdown Town, (venue build & show build), One Night Records

[Stage Manager 2020] The Long Goodbye, Riz Ahmed & Manchester International Festival [postponed]

[Production Manager 2019] Museum of Lost (& Found) Potential, (touring exhibition), Global Mental Health

[Assistant 2019] Beyond the Road, Saatchi Gallery

[Site Manager 2016] An Occupation of Loss, ArtAngel

ART FILM[Production Assistant] INSULAE (Of the Island) by Nye Thompson, Barbican London

[Performer] Theatre by Hilary Lloyd, Focal Point Gallery

[Research Assistant 2015] abc Smart Cities by Manu Luksch

SOUND DESIGN EV Y Podcast - EY, Green.TV Media

/artefact by Nye Thompson, comissioned by The Lowry, exhibited in Visions in the Nunnery, London

For more information or to collaborate please contact: pensostudio[at]gmail.com  

I work in artistic project management across multiple artforms including contemporary art, radio & podcasts, film, artist film, theatre and live music. Working across these different strands means that I have a unique and creative approach to problem solving as well as experience in many different settings.