Joanna Penso is a multi-disciplinary artist based between London and York, UK. Her work spans across mediums including film, sound, text and digital drawing to create multi-faceted installations. Her work explores how we interact with each other as humans within different contexts through the use of absurdity and body politics to investigate how humans relate to or reject one another.

Penso has exhibited work across the country in London, York and Newcastle since graduating from Chelsea College of Art in 2015. Recent shows have included:

Aesthetica Art Prize 2023, York Art Gallery 2023
Me 2 U: A collective Manifesto, Nunnery Gallery, London 2022
Pending Granary Art House, York 2021
Earshot Series Southwark Park Galleries, Online Open Show 2021
Joanna also creates a monthly radio show with exploring the body with guest contributors called The Symphony Beneath The Skin

Joanna also works in artistic project management; producing films, contemporary art exhibitions and performances. Click here for more information.