The Old Granary
29A Brownlow Street
YO10 8LW

Pending is a light installation, referencing different historical uses of the house and pointing to a period of transition. Pending depicts the transitionary phases of the past, present and future of spaces. Embodying the opportunity which lies dormant during those all important planning stages.

The Old Granary is believed to have been a grain store and more recently has been turned into 4 residential dwellings from a storage warehouse. The building originally spanned across Brownlow & Eldon Street. The bricks used in the buildings on Eldon Street have been repurposed in the build of flats behind The Old Granary.

During a period of research through conversation with the architect & builder Matthew Laverack, a photo stood out amongst a series of documentation shots. This was an image of salvaged bricks from the partial demolision placed together in a cube, waiting to be reused. This image was the starting point for Pending.