LISTEN-IN brings together brand new artworks exploring the internal sonic landscape by artist Joanna Penso to the Garage Gallery in Walthamstow, London this July. Spanning film, sound and installation alongside an exciting events programme, this exhibition promises to take audiences on an experiential journey to uncover sonics from within the human body. The artist has said: "Listen-In provides a multitude of ways for audiences to engage with my practice (tactile sculpture, sound, film, supper club & workshop), mirroring the holistic approach needed to interrogate harmful attitudes towards our own bodies and those we hold towards the bodies of others. Through my work I aim to invoke responses which oscillate between disgust & intrigue as a way of challenging societal attitudes towards our lived-in bodily experiences."Penso is using the gallery as a pilot experience before expanding these works in form and concept. One of the films will be site-specific, responding to the practicalities of the space whilst asking the question ' now, what use is shame with regards to the body?'

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