Production Stills
Photographs by Alberto Romano

An experimental sound-led film of a performative meal being eaten by 4 cast members who begin as strangers to one another. A metronome is placed in the centre of the dinner table with cast members attempting to move and chew to the beat. With each new course of the meal the beats per minute are increased, whilst contact mics are placed on their cheek and their belly to capture the digestive sounds being made beneath the skin.

2022 4K film, single channel


Director, Producer, Editor, Sound Designer
Joanna Penso

Adam Mort
Leah Kirby
Doxah Dzidor
Nix Bakx

Liam Martin

Lighting and Photography
Alberto Romano

Sound Engineer
Alessandro La Barbera

Production Assistant
Natasha Stacey

With Very Special Thanks to:
Poplar Union
Bow Arts Trust
Hey Sister Coffee

Ann Finch
Bhajan Hunjan
Dean Prosser
Diego Renda & Jessica Nicole
Geoff Titley
James Penso & Karen Goodlad
Natasha Stacey
Rashida Noray
Rosamond Murdoch
Stephen Dobbie
Wiggy Cheung